Any upper limit for unlimited data plan?

Each Pocket WiFi device is different standard. Please refer to Bright Smart Inc. official website for details.

Can I use courier to pick up and return the device?

Yes, you can use courier to pick up and return the device.

Can my friend pick up the device for me?

Yes, your friend or relative can pick up the device for you.

Can you explain what is “Fair Use Policy”?

The Fair Use Policy is designed by the Broadband Industry to ensure that each customer can use the unlimited data service under fair, reasonable and normal circumstances without interfering or affecting other users adversely. Please refer to Bright Smart Inc. official website for details.

Do I get refund if my trip is cancelled after collecting the device?
1. Customer should email us in advance and MUST return the device(s) within 2 days after collecting the device(s). Rental fee 25% will be charged for administration fee.
2. If customer returns the device(s) beyond 2 days after collecting the device(s), Bright Smart Inc. can only refund 50% of the rental fee.
3. If customer returns the device(s) after the travelling period, no refund will be returned.
Do I need to rent external battery for backup?

If you need an external battery, you only need to pay CA$9.90 by trip. Customer can also use their own external charger if suitable. For more details, please check with us.

Do I need to reserve the Travel device in advance? How much time in advance?

Normally you can reserve the device(s) 4 to 7 days before departure or you can book as early as you can. For long holidays it is better to book 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

Does the pocket WiFi device have coverage everywhere I go?

In general, there shouldn’t be any problem in major cities. But if you are travelling in some remote, or suburban area, the receptions may not be as good as in the cities. For example, in mountain, seashore, small town, hot springs areas, the signal in these areas might be weak. Please feel free to contact us for checking the coverage of the areas.

How can I receive my deposit back?

In general, customer can receive the deposit back when return OR 1 to 3 working days after device is returned to Bright Smart Inc (by mail).

How can I seek help if I have problem using your device in overseas?

Customer can contact us through e-mail, Whatsapp or WeChat. We will put our best efforts to support our customers.

How do you count my travelling period?

We only charge the travelling period. Pickup and return dates will not be charged.

How long do I need to recharge my device?

It is better to “Turn Off” the device during charging. Charging time will take 5 to 6 hours.

How long does the device battery last?

Battery: 3500mAh, stand by 10-12 hours

How many people can share a Pocket WiFi device?

Travel-Global & Travel-Asia can be connect up to 5 users at the same time

How to make the payment?

Deposit and rental charge can be paid upon pickup (Cash, Cheque and Debeit). For details, please see Bright Smart Inc. official website.
*Credit Card only apply for online payment.

How to recharge the device?

Charger and cable will be provided with device, you can charge device at the same time when using.

Is there any penalty for late return?

No, customer only needs to pay the extended rental fee. However, please remember to contact Bright Smart Inc. for extending the service so your service will not be suspended. Bright Smart Inc. may charge extended rental fee from customer deposit.

What if I lose or break the device? What is the penalty?

In case of loss and misuse, the deposit will be forfeited.

What is the cover range for Pocket WiFi device?

The range of coverage will be approximately 800 to 1000 square feet in open areas.

What is the speed of 4G Pocket WiFi?

Travel-Global downloading speed for 4G pocket WiFi is 75Mbps and the uploading speed is 25Mbps. Speed can be affected by many different factors.
Travel-Asia all high speed 4G.

When can I pick up and return the device?

Normally you can pick up the device 1 or 2 days before departure and return it the next day after arrival.

iOS device

To learn if your iOS device is eSIM compatible and carrier unlocked, you will need to:

1. Go to Settings> Cellular> SIM> Add eSIM

2. If the “Add eSIM” is available, it should mean that your device supports eSIMs.

Android device

Samsung devices

1. Go to Settings> Connections> SIM card manager> Add Mobile plan

2. If the “Add Mobile plan” is available, it should mean that your device supports eSIMs.

Remember to contact Samsung support to confirm if the above steps are possible for your device.

Pixel devices

Go to Settings >> Network & Internet
Tap the ‘+’ sign across SIMs.
If the Connect to Mobile network page has a “Download a SIM instead?” option, this means that your device is eSIM capable.
Remember to contact Google Pixel support or your vendor or main carrier to confirm if the above steps are possible for your device.

Other Android devices
1. Dial *#06# and press the call
2. In case your device is eSIM capable, you should be able to view your device’s eSIM unique identification number (EID).